Our brief was to inspire people to consider all the energy-packed adventures Lucozade Energy can fuel on their own doorstep here in Ireland, and to encourage brand engagement among our target audience.


We brought back Lucozade Energy's go-getting, stunt-performing man "Dan", but with a local twist. With the help of unusual locations and fun costumes, we delivered a high-energy, eye-popping, fully-integrated campaign.

Throughout the campaign, we saw Dan on the Irish leg of his globe-trotting escapades, island-gliding in Connemara and Fungie-snuggling in Dingle and even seaweed-bathing with 1950’s B-movie-style seaweed monsters!

Display Advertising

Standard and rich display formats across both desktop and mobile brought users to our custom-built Facebook app, The Lucozade Challenge.

Rich Mobile Banner

With our target audience spending increasingly more time on mobile compared to desktop, we created a rich mobile banner which allowed users to interact with the brand in a number of ways. Users could choose to enter The Lucozade Challenge on Facebook, watch the TV ad or play our 'energy-testing' memory game.

DD Mobile

The memory game was a simple idea whereby users matched pairs of images within a limited timeframe and on pass or fail of their attempt, were prompted to enter the Lucozade Challenge on Facebook. The average amount of time spent with the banner was 26% above industry average.

Facebook App

The Lucozade Challenge allowed users to create and star in their own movie trailers, along with their choice of friends for their chance to compete for the team prize of €10,000 on the raft-building, bog-snorkelling, assault-coursing Lucozade Challenge Day.


The campaign performed phenomenally well overall, delivering a substantial increase in both brand engagement and awareness.