To increase marketshare, in the face of ever increasing competition, Dairygold needed to expand it’s usage appeal beyond a simple spread and become an accompaniment across all food occasions: the brand objective is to become a staple family food, stocked in every Irish fridge.


yourdairygold.ie is the recipe hub for quick and satisfying food solutions for busy families. Dairygold, uniquely, can be used on every meal occasion. An interactive game first introduces the notion of bringing veg dishes to life with a dollop of Dairygold, while simple and straightforward food ideas are organised through easy to use lifestyle filters. Fully responsive, it’s a fast, accessible utility site busy Mums can use on the go.


Site visits and game plays have been rewardingly high proving the repositioning succeeded in product re-evaluation by consumers. eCRM mailings proved particularly popular with consumers, building a long lasting brand relationship with Irish families.