With the promise to ‘brighten up your day’, Centra delivers quality and value to consumers who are looking for lots of ideas and choice, but have little time.
Amongst the most digitally savvy demographic in Ireland, the Centra consumer expects sophisticated digital solutions from the brand, that fits into their lifestyle.


Recipes, ideas and offers are configured by ‘time of day’ ensuring consumer’s get the right content at the right time. RMG married this dynamic content within a fully responsive design to allow Centra customers interact with the brand online anywhere, via any device. All in a style that is easy, simple and fun - everything the Centra brand espouses.


Served ‘Time of Day’ suggestions put Centra at the heart of all key daily consumption occasions. By being relevant and timely, Centra use the convenience offered by digital to drive engagement online and footfall in-store. The playfulness of the visual style connects brilliantly with the target demographic: site traffic and dwell time have increased substantially since re-launch.