With increasingly more and more choice for consumers, Ireland hosts one of the world's most competitive energy markets. Bord Gáis Energy needed a campaign to attract electricity customers, grabbing their attention and coaxing them to switch today.


Our fully integrated campaign availed of interruptive formats to achieve cut through to reach a consumer bombarded with multiple energy messages. Our hapless hero Donal shows how not all home improvements are simple and straightforward - unlike switching to avail of Ireland's best electricity rates. We witness him cracking your screen in a video skin or dramatically bursting through a wall on a digital billboard. Local pertinence was added with bespoke regional messaging in dynamic banner formats.


The innovation of the digital formats were recognised by Google who included the formats as examples of best practice in their DoubleClick gallery. The originality of the campaign worked effectively for the brand resulting in increased numbers of consumers switching to Bord Gáis Energy.