We take a look at the latest news and campaigns trending this month in the world of digital media and advertising.  

Knorr Family Recipes

The latest campaign from Knorr Brazil taps directly into Brazil’s strong heritage of combining family with food, by saving family recipes from extinction using Twitter. The Receitas de Familia (Family Recipes) campaign is turning handwritten instructions into beautiful typographic posters, helping to stop delicious dishes being forgotten or destroyed. Users can tweet a photograph of an original family recipe to @KnorrBrasil along with the hashtag #receitasdefamilia and their family name. The Knorr team then recreates the recipe as an infographic, visualising each step on a blackboard along with key ingredients, before sending the digital poster back to the user via Twitter. This is a clever tactic to ensure its content will be shared between families and friends, especially when the finished product is personal and beautifully presented. Each recipe also includes product references when possible showing the variety and versatility of the Knorr product range. 



Airbnb - #OneLessStranger

Airbnb’s latest campaign encourages its community to perform random acts of kindness. By gifting $1m to its members, AirBnB asked them to use the money for unique acts of kindness or generosity with the intention of ‘reducing the number of strangers in the world, one kind, inventive and endearing act at a time’. The campaign also encourages everyone to get involved, people can upload their good deeds to a website, using the hashtag #OneLessStranger. Their kind act is then displayed on the One Less Stranger site, whether it takes the form of a photo, Tweet or Video.

This is a clear effort by Airbnb to engage with a wide cross-section of its members in a meaningful way - whether people pass a gift on, watch the videos or become the recipient of a good deed. By focusing on its community, and by creating a ‘spirit of belonging’, Airbnb is also creating a unique selling point that hotels would struggle to compete with. Airbnb is building its community around values of friendship rather than directly talking about the quality of its product. This is one of the key trends identified by our colleagues in JWT for 2015. Brands will be shifting more towards this type of community activation to tell their brand story.



NBC’s Sports Match Maker App

As the US rights holder for the English Premier League, broadcaster NBC needed a way to get more people to watching. The solution? The NBC Sports MatchMaker, an app to help fans locate, chat, and meet up with other supporters of their team. The app activates an interactive map at kick off showing exactly where other fans are gathering. The app also shows the best bars to watch a game as voted by other fans. Users can also invite mates to watch a game, group chat with anyone they’ve invited to a meet-up and see match schedules and broadcast times. Further to this, the app sends notifications on the next game and keeps them up to date with all the latest Premier League news. This is an excellent way for a brand to connect with football fans and build a community around a shared interest, whilst offering football fans valuable information and of course encouraging live viewing of matches.



Twitter’s While You Were Away Feature

Twitter is officially adding a feature designed to recap tweets you may have missed while not using its app. The feature means that instead of showing just a chronological list of most recent tweets, the iOS app's feed will also display the top tweets since the last time the app was opened, based on an algorithm that looks at engagement and other user habits. This is a very welcome addition to Twitter and means you can see potentially more relevant content without having to trawl through your newsfeed.

Despite similarities, Twitter has been quick to dismiss comparisons to Facebook’s algorithm and have explained that Twitter’s feed will still focus on real-time experiences as opposed to Facebook’s algorithm, which tends to ignore chronology. And that’s not the only recent development from Twitter, earlier this week the social media giant announced the roll out of group direct messaging and a new mobile video feature. Find out more on the Twitter blog here

Images via Airbnb, Knor Brazil, Twitter and Contagious IO


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