Facebook, IKEA and Summer Holidays all feature on our July Round-up. 

Amazon Opens 3D Printing Store

Following on from our previous feature on 3D Printing, there have been some big developments with Amazon recently launching a 3D Printing store online. The global online retailer recently noted an increase in demand for 3D printers via their business site, which led them to develop a 3D printing service for their consumer channel. This new service has launched with more than 200 items available on the 3D Printing store, buyers can customise and build earrings, bobble-head toys and other items from 3rd party sellers using a new personalisation option. 




IKEA build a website on Instagram

IKEA Russia have created an ‘Instagram Catalogue Website’ for their latest range of products; IKEA PS 2014 (a 34 piece designer collection). By navigating to the Instagram account Ikea_ps_2014 via smartphone, the account opens a ‘website’ within the app consisting of 12 images. 
They’ve created an Instagram account that functions and looks like a website, using the tagging feature to cross link in other specific Instagram products to build out microsites for those individual pieces, while having users generate their own by taking photos and tagging them with the product’s Instagram name. IKEA have already done some great work on INSTAGRAM, this new campaign is very simple and effective way to utilise the photo-sharing app.



MTV Announce VMA Nominees via Snapchat

MTV are the latest brand to take on Snapchat. The TV Channel used its new Snapchat account to unveil this year’s nominees for the video Music Awards before they were announced anywhere else. This follows on from last year’s announcements which went out via Instagram and Vine videos. The nominations will appear in eight 10-second Snapchat videos and will feature stars of MTV’s biggest shows, this is anther great example of how brands are embracing Snapchat and is a very clever way of leveraging the huge fan bases of these stars and other award nominees.


Facebook announced recently that it is currently testing a buy button that would allow users to make an onsite purchase without leaving the platform. The buy button is being tested with a small number of companies in the U.S. and users can click buy on posts as well as ads. Facebook have attempted moving into ecommerce in the past, however this step is more simplified, with users being able to complete their purchase within Facebook.



Expedia offers to bring people back in time

Travel company Expedia have tapped in to the popular theme of nostalgia and the recent trend for recreating family pictures from the past with a clever new campaign. Similar to the #tbt aka throwback Thursdays which has seen 228 million photos shared, Expedia is introducing Thrown Back Thursdays, a campaign which takes people back to their treasured holiday memories. Each week Expedia selects one Instagram photo tagged with @Expedia and #ThrowMeBack and gives the entrant a travel voucher for a return visit to the destination in their photo or they can select a new holiday destination. This is a great way to tie in with a massive social media trend for sharing nostalgic photos and also evoking fond memories of family holidays.

That's it for our July Round-up, look out for our latest news and updates next month. 


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