Selfies, GIFs, and Amazon's newest addition all feature in our June round-up. 

The Last Selfie 

It’s still early days on SnapChat in terms of big campaigns and brands embracing the messaging platform. And while we have yet to be overwhelmed by how brands are navigating it, this particular example from WWF struck a chord with us.

The #LastSelfie campaign used SnapChat to show endangered species of wild life vanish from users screens with the 10 second countdown that SnapChat is famous for. It’s an excellent use of the platform to create awareness especially with younger audiences who are becoming increasingly hard to reach. 




Introducing The Fire Phone 

Global giant Amazon have just launched the Fire Phone, the online retailers very first smart phone. In terms of spec the phone is mid level in comparison to the big players with a 4.7” display and 13 mp camera. So why does Amazon want to join the smartphone market? To make it easier for consumers to buy their products of course!

The phone's defining feature, called Firefly, allows users to take a picture of an object - say, a copy of Harry Potter & the Prisoners of Azkaban -in order to buy it. It provides a convenient credit card funnel back to the Amazon mothership, and there is even a dedicated Firefly button built into the hardware of the phone itself. This phone makes purchasing new products incredibly easy and only a few clicks away.


Amazon fire phone 3 


Brace yourself… GIFs are coming!

Who doesn’t love GIFS! Twitter’s recent announcement of GIF support was greeted with a mass of excitement from brands and advertisers alike this month. This new feature allows you to share and upload GIFs. The animated formats can be uploaded using or via Giphy, an aggregate GIF site. 



Ireland Meets the Beer Fridge 

This June also saw the arrival of Molson Canadian’s world famous Beer Fridge in Ireland for the very first time. Molson Canadian Ireland planted the Beer Fridge in 3 secret locations in Dublin, Galway and Cork and challenged followers on social media to find the fridge using an interactive map.

The map was powered by the hashtag #MakeitCANADIAN, the more people tweeted the cloer the map zoomed in. The first person to find the fridge and unlock it wither their passport won an incredible prize including an epic trip to Canada, a year’s supply of Molson Canadian, VIP event access to exclusive Molson Canadian events and more!


Beer Fridge


The Ahhh Effect 

And finally Coca-Cola recently unveiled its first ever TV ad made entirely from user generated content. This is a real application of the ideas they introduced in their 'Content 2020' vision, which we covered in the Rise of Branded Content.

This user generated content was recited through a competition they ran a few months ago. The brand invited teens to submit short video clips sharing what it feels like when they take a sip of Coke. The best clips were then featured in a national Coca-Cola TV ad. Coke got some 400 submissions, and chose 40 for the final cut. The clips in the ad come from all over the world and feature as part of Coca-Cola's wider Ahhh Effect campaign. 

That's it for our June Round-up, look out for our latest news and updates next month. 


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