We all remember TV adverts with great soundtracks.

Our colleague, Paddy Barry, highlighted the strong role music plays in advertising so it got us thinking about great songs that have been made famous through ads. Some of the featured artists went onto bigger and better things while others were left with the one hit wonder.

Many YouTube searches and failed singalong attempts later here's what we picked out to make our shortlist of great tracks used in ads.

If you think we missed a track or two then tweet us.

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

This track was used in the famous Sony Bravia TV ad where 250,000 bouncing balls cascade down through the streets of San Francisco to the soundtrack of Heartbeats. A great track which is actually an acoustic cover of The Knife.

Selected by Marty Kane, Account Director


Mic Christopher - Heyday

Used in an ad to sell pints of a very famous Irish stout. The ad features a young Kerryman called Michael Fassbender before he went on to bigger and better things. Sadly Mic Christopher is no longer with us but here's his track.

Selected by Grace Flanagan, Account Manager.


Mr Ozio - Flat Beat

Flat Eric was a low-tech, yellow puppet character from Levi's commercials, somewhat annoying but sticks out in memory as the track went on to do well in the charts.

Selected by Tanya Durack, Art Director.


Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Used in an ad by an international telco company we know very well, this helped these Australian Jet setters on their way.

Selected by Kev Toher, Designer


Pérez Prado - Guaglione

Another great track to a classic TV ad from 1995. Pérez's music rose in prominence after his death, you may remember one of his other hits, Mambo No.5.

Selected by Mark Feane, Account Director


Babylon 5 - Spaceman

Used in a ad to sell Levi's 501 jeans, this was really the only famous track from Babylon 5.

Selected by Dermot O'Shea, Digital Architect



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