A round-up of the top 5 things that caught our eye this month.

1. Google Earth

Map of the world reveals each country's most visited websites, no surprises as Google comes out on top for 62 countries including the UK and Ireland, with 50 countries counting Facebook as their number one visited website. However… Yahoo does come out first in Japan and in China; Baidu (search engine) remains number one. While we can’t see changes to Google’s position in the foreseeable future, it will be interesting to see if Facebook can retain it’s global share.


2. Forget Me Not

Dutch dementia charity creates fake Facebook moments to mimic effects of disease. Alzheimer Nederland, the Dutch organisation for Alzheimer’s Disease recently launched a Facebook Timeline Hack that takes photos from hugely popular real-world events and photoshops hundreds of people into photos at events they’ve never been to, before posting them to Facebook and tagging them into the photo, giving people the same experience that Alzheimer’s Disease typically generates for its sufferers. While this isn't on a massive scale, we love the thinking behind this campaign and the different approach to using Facebook to speak to your audience. 


3. Just the Pictures

The UK Daily Mail plans to release an app called ‘Just the Pictures’ that strips out the text for smartphone readers. The Daily Mail’s current iOS app attracts about a million daily users in the U.K., and they’re opening it four or five times a day for 12 minutes at a time, largely for the pictures. This is a perfect example of how digital content is moving towards the visual, removing text and creating content that can instantly and easily be consumed on the go; i.e. snackable content.



4. Introducing Lovelist 


LoveList allows users to add real products to their Pinterest boards simply by scanning their barcodes. The app currently supports the entirety of Amazon’s product database. Pinterest can be an immensely effectively online sales tool and has many advantages over traditional social media sites, the introduction of Lovelist indicates even more potential for the site. 


5. The Rise of TV On Demand

53% of internet users watch tv on demand. That’s nearly 800 million people now across 32 countries, by the end of 2014 we can see this figure growing even further. According to a recent Financial Times article; UK adults watched an average of 90 minutes a month on devices such as PCs or tablets last year with the figure being much higher for younger adults. And if anyone has Netflix, we all know how many hours have been spent watching box sets, the next figures which will be released shortly are certain to show a massive increase. 

Netflix House of Cards

That's it for our April Round-up, look out for our latest news and updates next month. 


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