Gavin O’Sullivan, DDFH&B’s Creative Director, was delighted to have the opportunity to speak at this year’s Offset, Dublin’s Creative Festival held at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre.

With its highest attendance to date of advertising, film, photography, design enthusiasts from Ireland and around the globe, it was the perfect forum to share his insights into the significance of words in advertising and to encourage listeners to reconsider the ‘power of words’.

He cautioned against advertising text books which claim ‘new’ and ‘free’ to be the Holy Grail of copywriting, because the real secret of successful advertising is storytelling. Drawing on illustrative examples of classic and current advertisements, he reminds us of the importance of storytelling in advertising. Stories make us sit up and listen. The message should be simple but not simplistic, advertisers need to credit people with intelligence and let them fill in the gaps. 

Words can be used to tell stories simply and powerfully,
they have the power to move and to make us act.

Gavin O’Sullivan, Offset 2013

He also said “arse”.


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