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Mobile giant Orange celebrated its 20th anniversary by taking us twenty years into the future. The digital project allows users to converse with their future self, twenty years on. Users can upload a video, or image, to the #futureself website, which uses facial tracking technology to determine how they will look in twenty years and place your facial features on to a 3D model. Users can then ask themselves questions on anything from shopping, to sports. Since the campaign launched the site has already had more than 750,000 visits.


The photo-sharing app launched its very first sponsored post this month. Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat’s first sponsored post came in the form of a 20 second trailer for Universal Pictures new movie – Ouija. The post appeared in users recent updates and disappeared when viewed, or within 24 hours. By choosing a movie trailer to launch their first ad, Snapchat explained they are easing people into the idea of sponsored posts with an engaging piece of content.



Volkswagen created a new social game in an effort to boost test drives for its latest VW Polo. The game titled 'PoloTag' challenged audiences in three South African cities to spot the new VW Polo around specified routes, tag it on Twitter using #PoloTag – players who did so received a free test drive there and then. The player who managed to test drive the car for the longest time without being tagged by another player won a brand new Polo. Not only did this clever game get people into the cars testing them out, it also created a social buzz around the new Polo. The game managed to boost test drives by 243% and gained over 27 million impressions.



Apple Pay was officially launched earlier this month. Apple’s first wallet can be used by iPhone 6 and Apple Watch owners and doesn’t require opening an app. Payments can be easily made by holding the iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID (fingerprint reader). The payment system uses NFC (Near Field Communication), with the global tech giant claiming the new payment method is much easier than the traditional alternative. Apple have also partnered with American Express, Visa and a number of large retailers to launch the new payment method, indicating a certain confidence with the mobile payment market. However it is still very early days for the sector, it will be very interesting to see how things look in 12 months.


We’ve always kept a close eye on the rise of smart technology and how its been evolving from smart phones to smart houses and now smart cities like Chicago. The US city is set to become a leading model in collecting and managing big data. Chicago have titled the project: “The Array of Things (AoT)” and have explained “it is a network of interactive, modular sensor boxes around Chicago collecting real-time data on the city’s environment, infrastructure, and activity for research and public use.” Further to this “Chicago’s SmartData Platform is a tool that will provide leaders the ability to analyze millions of lines of data in real-time: this helps make smarter, earlier decisions to address a wide range of urban challenges.” With trends pointing to higher urban populations, Chicago has the potential to help shape and influence more smart cities.

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